Publishing a book has never been easier.

MDC Publishers offers professional publishing services you can trust to turn your story into a beautiful bestseller. You bring the ideas. We’ll do the rest.


Hire a professional ghostwriter and become a published author.

Ready to become a published author?

You’ve got a great idea for a book but haven’t got the time—or even the desire—to actually sit down and turn those ideas into a manuscript.

Perhaps you’re still too busy living your life to pause long enough to write your memoir. But you want to leave a legacy.

Or perhaps you want to extend your brand and increase your reach, but you’ve still got a business to run.

No time? No problem. At MDC, we’ve assembled a team that makes creating your book no hassle at all.

How does ghostwriting work?

First we interview you to learn more about you and your story. Then we partner you with the right writer for your voice, style, and personality—and your vision for your book. You and your writing partner put your heads together, ferreting out the details, making sure you both are clear about everything that should be in your book. Then we get to work.

We specialize in nonfiction, business books, memoirs, self-help books, and how-to guides—whatever you’re dreaming about writing, we can help make it a reality.

Book Editing Services

Get the right book editor for your manuscript.

Get affordable book editing services that turn your rough draft into polished prose.

Manuscript editing services

Our manuscript editing services range from proofreading to developmental editing. So you can buy one round of editing, or you can invest in your writing project with two or more rounds—a process much like the one manuscripts go through at traditional publishing houses. Authors who see success all share a common process: refine, refine, refine. Our discounted editing packages help ensure the book you publish is the best possible experience for readers.

Book Design

Get beautiful book designed by publishing industry experts.

As a writer, you’re using words to tell a story. For the design of your book, our award-winning designers create distinctive visuals and striking images that tell that same story, captivating readers from the moment they see your book.

Book Marketing Services

Tap into our publishing industry expertise and sell more books.

We’ll show you how with our professional book marketing services.

Promote your book the right way, and take your book from the back of the shelf to bestseller.

Our publishing industry experience working means we know what it takes to get your book into readers’ hands. Get professionally crafted marketing pieces and industry know-how straight from the source with our expert book marketing services.

MDC Publishers has own in-house printing and binding facilities. It operates out of its own factory using its own facilities and machines.

It is capable of providing the entire chain of publishing an d printing starting from publishing to pre-press services, printing and through to post-press services.

We always have sufficient paper stock levels in hand to meet jobs with urgent request. This enables us to offer competitive prices on our books to our clients and most importantly assist and support them in delivering up-to-date publications.

Among the in-house facilities available are up-to-date machines from pre-printing stage (design, typesetting, film and plate) to printing stage (colour separation, print, bind and etc) to support all kinds of printing and binding jobs with a high quality finishing.

In short, we are a publisher-based printer that specialises in book production and book printing.